Careless about Sin
Your adversary the devil goeth about . . .


I find your homepage interesting reading. I feel lucky, however, not to share your stifling views, that would have us all believe that sex is an immoral act. I am sure if it was not necessary to have sex to procreate, you would condemn sex during marriage as well. This is because you appear to be scared of sex, and the nice feelings that may come with it. I am not a greedy, immoral, or hedonistic person, but I simply do not belief that my God has any problem with me being comfortable or feeling pleasure in any way, as long as I am not harming myself or any other being. I believe this also to be on the proviso that I am able to go without my own comforts if it is possible to help other people by doing so. You may call me selfish, unvirtuous or unchaste, but I know that I do right by my God, so I just thought I would just throw in my own opinion since you have provided the opportunity, and I have taken my time to read all of your opinions on the subject. I wish you all happy marriages and happy lives. Kate


I appreciated your e-mail and candid expression of your views. The Good Morals website presents the scriptural view of sexual morality. Sex outside of marriage is condemned, not by me, but by the God of the Bible. I am just passing along His views, which were not known to me before reading the scriptures. I was 33 when I was saved and experienced the sensations you mentioned many times previously without a marriage bond. However, when I learned the truth, I turned away from sin.

Sex outside of marriage is fornication. Not only is it irresponsible, but also unclean. "The flesh wars against the spirit, and the spirit against the flesh . . ." You cannot serve both God and sin. Soldiers learn self-control. When we serve Jesus, we deny ourselves and repent of sins of the flesh. "Flee fornication." It is a sin against your own body.

Kate, I greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts. "God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man sows, he shall reap. If you sow to the flesh you will reap destruction; if you sow to the spirit, eternal life."

Choose ye this day whom ye will serve.

I put up this website because this subject is so vital to a person's salvation, and yet so many are careless or ignorant about these truths.

If you have a boyfriend, marry him or abstain until you reach the altar. There are so many abortions today because people attempt to defeat what God has joined together: sex and procreation. Since one goes with the other, then marriage should precede the marital act. That is for the protection of children, and also incidentally, for women.


Martin Wishnatsky

P.S. Fornication is not harmless. To lose your soul is the greatest harm you could experience.